Information for authors and copyright holders on intellectual property.

If you are a developer of a script or other product that is on our site, you can always leave a request to remove it from our site.
Please note that we do not give any files for download!
We provide only information. Our site does not contain any files and does not provide for downloading.
It is in our power only to remove all information about your product.

Posts with products are added by the users of the site themselves, so we can’t trace the initial source.
But it is in our power to delete a post that infringes copyrights.
In order to delete a post in which there is a violation, you just need to write to us in feedback.

And a big bonus for you! =)
You can leave a request to remove the download link, but leave a post with a link to your product for free.
Write to us, we hope for a successful cooperation.